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Basic Virus Removal: $75
Basic Virus Removal starts at the occasional pop ups to the entire take over of a web browser. This is the most common "virus" problems customers get.

Advanced Virus Removal: $150
At the Advanced stage we start from a comlplete browser takeover to a computer take over and/or network take over. These are the ransomwares, the worms, the actual viruses, and so on.

Networking: starting at$75
We build networks starting from a simple router installation to the grand plan of repeaters and cokplete home/office networking.

Data Recovery: $50
This is a "touchy" field the price is a set price whether the data is recovered or not as often times the hardware is too damaged for data recovery to be sucessful however we tend o be successful 60% of the time.
Basic Web Design: $125
Th basic web design is a simple site such as this site your'e viewing nothing too "fancy" but not so simple a caveman can do it. The price also includes 1 year of hosting

Graphic Design: starting at $50
Graphic design for new companies or old companies wanting a fresh look. we also have a sister company that handles the advertising portion of graphic design
Custom Computers: starting at $100
We build state of the art computers at astonishing prices. we charge a starting fee of $100 for the project then charge the actual material cost and finally add in the extras you may want to add such as setting up your programs, or installing multiple OS on the samy hardrive etc...

Education: $50
we feel educating people is a service that is essential. Too many people barely understnd their computers or want to learn more so we offer eductional programs and tutoring at the absolute best price available.
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